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PHP Upload Large Files

Just a quick tip here for uploading large files in PHP. I had to write a form to upload fairly large files (100+ megs). At first I tried using ini_set to up the PHP upload settings:

PHP Upload a CSV File into MySQL

Sometimes clients want to put all their products online in a database but don’t want to manage them as they may already be doing so in some kind of spreadsheet or offline database (Excel, Numbers, Filemaker, etc). For them, they don’t want to learn any new systems but want to have both areas, offline and […]

Writers Block

Well I’m having some problems keeping up with one post a week. Been fairly busy with full time work and side projects as well as having writers block. Anyone have any good ideas for topics? Drop me a message if there is anything you’d like covered or more in depth on some of my current […]

When to Store Data in a Table vs Using an Array

I was coding out a basic contact form today with the usual name, address, email etc. I was building out the country select menu and noticed I already had code for building it via an array and building it from a database table. So I decided to put the two up against each other and […]