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PHP Functions in Javascript with php.js

Ever wished Javascript had similar extensive functionality as PHP? Well now you can use many of the PHP functions you’re use to using in Javascript with php.js. It’s a Javascript framework which has implemented many of the popular PHP functions so you can use them in Javascript. Take a look at the function list to […]

PHP: Ban Bad Bots

The love and hate of bots. They index, spam, scrape, hack, probe and who knows what else people program them to do. They eat up resources which can greatly reduce the performance of your web site. We need the good ones to index our site and bring us visitors so how do we separate the […]

PHP: Pipe Bounce Emails

Another great use for email piping is parsing bounce emails. This is very useful if you have a mailing list and need to remove any invalid or old email addresses. Sending emails to invalid addresses can land you on domain blacklists for possible spamming so it is definitely beneficial to trim any mailing lists you […]

PHP: Geolocation on IP Addresses

Any time I take information from a visitor/client/customer via the some type of form post (cart order, forum post, contact form, etc.) I usually log the IP address it came from. This is good information to have in case someone abuses your services and you need ban them but we can also use it to […]