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Full Text Searching in MySQL

Today I needed to set up a full text searching system at work. Full text searching is basically searching a set of text fields/columns based on a search term and the results are sorted based on relevance. It is very handy for searching articles and such where there is a lot of text to search […]

Rounded Corners on Elements in CSS3

I can’t wait until all browsers support CSS3. It will make rounded corners on elements so much easier. See border radius for a detailed demo with CSS markup. 3 simple lines. So easy. All the rounded corner elements have involved using image hacks which are easy once you get the hang of it but can […]

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Fill

A co-worker sent me a link to this video on the Adobe blog on about the new content aware fill feature in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Adobe Blog – Video: Sneak peek of Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop If this is real, all I can say is AMAZING!!! The algorithms and math required to do this must […]

Counting database rows in MySQL and PHP

I help out fellow coders a lot on the PHP Freaks forums and I find a lot of new coders grasp PHP quickly but try to do too much in PHP that MySQL can handle in one query. Counting the number of rows in a select query is a good example.