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Customizing LeadPages in WordPress

LeadPages is a great service for building landing pages and email opt-ins but it can be tricky to get their existing landing pages exactly how you want them.

The LeadPages editor works well for editing all the main elements but sometimes you want to style something a bit different or hide a specific element. This is where their editor falls short.

Thankfully, by using their HTML export option with WordPress Page Templates, we can make our own edits with custom CSS and Javascript.

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PHP Functions in Javascript with php.js

Ever wished Javascript had similar extensive functionality as PHP? Well now you can use many of the PHP functions you’re use to using in Javascript with php.js. It’s a Javascript framework which has implemented many of the popular PHP functions so you can use them in Javascript. Take a look at the function list to see which functions they have implemented. You can either copy the Javascript code for the function you need for use in your own code or you can include their entire framework so you can access any function. It’s very useful for any Javascript intensive apps or for any PHP programmers that aren’t familiar with Javascript.

Submitting a form via AJAX using jQuery, PHP and JSON

My buddy Chris asked for some help the other day on submitting a contact form via AJAX. We had a debate on the best structure for doing so and I explained about using JSON for the AJAX response message from the form processing script. My preferred method is submitting a form via AJAX to a PHP script for processing the form. The PHP script returns a JSON response with whether the form submission was a success or not. I thought this would be a good tutorial so I whipped up a quick sample for everyone.

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