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Auto Post to Twitter

Well after I solved my task of auto posting to Facebook, I got assigned with doing the same thing but for Twitter. Luckily, this is so much easier than posting to Facebook.

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Auto Post to Facebook with the Facebook SDK

I was assigned with the task to auto post to my work’s fan page from one of our content sytems. At first, I thought it to be a fairly trivial thing and wouldn’t take me that long but boy was I wrong. I started off by trying a bunch of the existing examples out there already that use curl to mimic someone logging in as they normally would, use regex to match the form variables and submit a status update using curl with the form variables. Facebook didn’t like this and promptly locked my account down for unauthorized access.

Next I moved on to the Facebook API.
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PHP Code

PHP Password Hashing and Password Security

There is a great article over at nettuts in regards to password security, properly hashing and storing passwords. It covers most of the basics including:

  • What is hashing
  • Storing hashed passwords
  • Hash collision
  • Rainbow Tables
  • Hash algorithm speed
  • Salting / Nonces
  • Which hashing function to use

For any developer creating applications or systems with user login, this is a must read. There is also a hashing class provided to use with your own code. Check out the article:

Understanding Hash Functions and Keeping Passwords Safe

If you have any questions about any of the topics, drop me a comment.