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PHP: Parse Email Body with Email Piping

I’ve had a lot of request for more posts about email piping, specifically filtering the email body and obtaining just the reply content. It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this even though the code is about 6 months old. If you’re new to email piping, check out some of my previous posts: learn the basics , isolate the email headers , save attachments and process bounce emails . Now lets get down to biz.

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PHP Upload a CSV File into MySQL

Sometimes clients want to put all their products online in a database but don’t want to manage them as they may already be doing so in some kind of spreadsheet or offline database (Excel, Numbers, Filemaker, etc). For them, they don’t want to learn any new systems but want to have both areas, offline and online, up to date and mirroring each other. If you run into something like this, it’s very easy to populate your table via a CSV file upload.

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PHP Functions in Javascript with php.js

Ever wished Javascript had similar extensive functionality as PHP? Well now you can use many of the PHP functions you’re use to using in Javascript with php.js. It’s a Javascript framework which has implemented many of the popular PHP functions so you can use them in Javascript. Take a look at the function list to see which functions they have implemented. You can either copy the Javascript code for the function you need for use in your own code or you can include their entire framework so you can access any function. It’s very useful for any Javascript intensive apps or for any PHP programmers that aren’t familiar with Javascript.