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SSH Auto Login: Log into your server automatically

If you’re constantly logging into your server via SSH, I hope you’re logging in with RSA keys and SSH aliases to save your hands from unnecessary keystrokes. Follow these steps to learn to have SSH auto login for you.

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PHP Password Hashing and Password Security

There is a great article over at nettuts in regards to password security, properly hashing and storing passwords. It covers most of the basics including:

  • What is hashing
  • Storing hashed passwords
  • Hash collision
  • Rainbow Tables
  • Hash algorithm speed
  • Salting / Nonces
  • Which hashing function to use

For any developer creating applications or systems with user login, this is a must read. There is also a hashing class provided to use with your own code. Check out the article:

Understanding Hash Functions and Keeping Passwords Safe

If you have any questions about any of the topics, drop me a comment.

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PHP: Ban Bad Bots

The love and hate of bots. They index, spam, scrape, hack, probe and who knows what else people program them to do. They eat up resources which can greatly reduce the performance of your web site. We need the good ones to index our site and bring us visitors so how do we separate the bad ones from the good ones?

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