MySQL: Optimize your Primary Key

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about MySQL optimization and fine tuning. The other day I read a good tip about the size of your primary key. It will definitely save you space as your tables get bigger.

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MySQL: Database Optimization with MySQLTuner

At work, we ran into some MySQL max connections issues that were bringing down our entire site. One highly used table was corrupted which was making all the queries lock, idle or sleep. This would lead to max connections being hit and our whole site going down. We asked our provider to look into it and they turned us on a really cool MySQL optimizer script.
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Full Text Searching in MySQL

Today I needed to set up a full text searching system at work. Full text searching is basically searching a set of text fields/columns based on a search term and the results are sorted based on relevance. It is very handy for searching articles and such where there is a lot of text to search through. It is also much faster and more accurate than doing wildcard searches with the LIKE command.

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