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SSH Auto Login: Log into your server automatically

If you’re constantly logging into your server via SSH, I hope you’re logging in with RSA keys and SSH aliases to save your hands from unnecessary keystrokes. Follow these steps to learn to have SSH auto login for you.

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Generate Server RSA Keys

1. Log into your server via SSH

:~ ssh user@domain.com

2. Create a new RSA key

:~ ssh-keygen -t rsa

Hit return twice unless you want to set a password on the key.

3. Go to your .ssh folder

:~ cd .ssh

4. Put the public key into your authorized_keys file

:~ cat id_rsa.pub >> authorized_keys

5. Set perms on authorized_keys

:~ chmod 600 authorized_keys

6. Remove the public key

:~ rm id_rsa.pub

7. Close your SSH connection and go back to your local computer

Download the Server Private Key

8. Go to your .ssh directory

:~ cd .ssh

9. Secure file transfer the private key to your .ssh folder

:~ scp user@domain.com:~/.ssh/id_rsa ./

10. Create a folder for the key – Note: named it something related to the domain

:~ mkdir folder_name

11. Move the private key into the folder

:~ mv id_rsa folder_name

Set up an SSH Alias in the Config file

12. Open up the SSH config in your favourite editor

:~ sudo pico config

13. Enter the following details:

Host alias_name
Hostname domain.com
User username
PreferredAuthentication publickey
IdentifyFile ~/.ssh/folder_name/id_rsa

14. Save and close the file

15. Connect to your server with your alias

:~ ssh alias_name

It should now log you in without any authentication.

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